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Altercation with a cager.

02/21/07 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Commuting

MikeyThis happened about a week ago and I'm going to go ahead and write about this now. I have had many incidences in the past with people who don't see me and they try to merge into my lane. I can somewhat forgive that, because they aren't really looking out for me. This particular incident, the driver of the car KNEW I was in the lane next to him. We had been playing "leap frog" on the road for a while, ie, I'm going a constant speed and he's speeding up to pass, then he drops down, and then I pass him... yeah you know the type.

I was actually following Sarah down to the downtown area and I'm not familiar with where we were going so that is why she was leading. I was behind her. This car kept messing with us by speeding up and slowing down, and kept cutting me off to get behind her. After the red lights, she'd floor it, and I'd gun it and we'd get back in formation with her in front and me behind her. I normally follow the two-second rule with traffic but after having this chucklehead cut me off, I decided to pretty much tailgate her while she was driving. I think I had about a second or less following distance.

After a little bit of that, our friends, the cagers who don't know how to drive finally just decided they really wanted to follow her or something, and one moment I'm in my lane (in the middle) and here comes their boat of a car flying into my lane! I was already in the left hand lane so there was no going into oncoming traffic, so I started my maximum breaking and managed to clear their car. Sarah saw the whole thing in her rear view mirror!

So yeah, that was rather retarded. If I recall correctly we even tried to slow down to get them to pass but they didn't. I hate when people have nothing to do. We were on our way to Hot Foods by Calvin to enjoy our valentines dinner a little early (instead of trying to get into a jam packed food place on valentine's day, we were in fact I think 2 days early to celebrate)

So to the drivers of that car, sarcastically, "Thanks a lot." It takes more than that to get rid of me. Surprisingly, I managed to maintain my calm the whole entire time. I was visibly shaking my head at points but that's pretty much it. I avoid "going-to-war" against someone on four wheels and massive amounts of steel.



Comment from: Peaches007  

good job on keepin your cool, sarah should’ve called the cops and reported those assholes. you can do that you know.. road rage is a big fat no no and you can get a pretty hefty fine especially since you were on a motorcycle thats an even bigger no no. anyways glad you are ok though :) i hate chuckleheads they are no good :(

02/22/07 @ 09:29
Comment from: thewhoissuperb (YouTube acct name)  
thewhoissuperb (YouTube acct name)

I cannot believe people do this immature driving, and if one is on a motorcycle, it is 4 times more deadly than if one was driving a car. Did you at least catch the plate? Oh by the way, nice Rebel.

07/17/07 @ 15:55
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