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An unexpected passenger

09/19/06 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Commuting

MikeyI normally warm up my bike with the choke on outside in the mornings and go back in and gear up as it takes a few moments. Well, as I was leaving my street I glanced down at the base of my windshield and what I saw made me laugh.

There at the base of my windshield, a rather large praying mantis, was chilling. I think he was there to eat the ants that sometimes get on my bike. Anywho, I thought it was pretty funny he never got off. Perhaps he was enjoying the ride. If he was, he was probably disappointed that he never got to go faster than 35mph. At the next stop sign, I put my bike in neutral and scooped the little dude up in my gloves. He was then placed in a large green shrub. He can eat some bugs there. :P~


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