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Bled Brakes and Centerstand installed.

06/10/08 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Maintainence

MikeyI manage to bleed the brakes with Sarah's help. Afterall, it is a two person job. It went fairly smoothly. I also was able to install the centerstand that I ordered on eBay. The only trouble I had with that, was the spring. I had to shove 20 pennies in the spring to get it to expand, and even then it wasn't all the way. I managed to rig up some sort of leverage system using a hex key, my hammer, and the edge of the spring. I so lucked out with getting it to slide down the hex key and latch into position. Then I just had to hammer out (gently) the hex key and presto! Of course, I had to use my wrench to get all the pennies out but I have a centerstand installed on the bike now. I do need to get two bolts and some nuts as those weren't included with the centerstand but there is a spot to install them.


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