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Forks! Not the kind you eat with!

04/29/07 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Maintainence

MikeyThe reason for the lack of posts and videos lately is because my front fork seal has been the thorn in my side so to speak.

Finally got it over to Dad's today. My bike is current impaled on jacks right now, the front wheel is leaned against a cabinet, and my forks are on a workbench. Woe is me.

Luckily though, the folks at rebel250.com, have been giving me pointers on this and I've got my trusty clymers manual but lately it's been, well, lacking. Great difficulty today with the forks but I will go on! I will be victorious! SAY NOT TO STEALERS! (not the football team, but Dealers/Stealers--Yeah!)

Soon...I will be going VROOOOOM and taking video again! Whee!


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