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09/06/06 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Commuting

MikeyChalk this up to another reason to ride a motorcycle for daily commuting purposes. Intersections.

On the way to school each morning there's a stoplight that is rather annoying. It has a long timer so traffic usually builds up and there isn't a specific right hand turn lane so that just clogs things up even worse. I always make a right at this light and it gets a little tricky but now I have the perfect method to saving time.

I ride to the right of all the vehicles and get up there to where I can make my right hand turn. It's one of those moments where you just have to chuckle to yourself because you KNOW everyone that you are passing is just like, "WOW! He's one lucky dude" or "What the crap! That dude on a motorcycle just went past 10 cars to get up here to make his right hand turn." I just hope I don't get someone like this, "Who the frick does this dude think he is just cruisin past everyone? I'm going to stop this! Hey Bobby, open up your door when Mr. Too cool for the intersection rides up."

Another time I got to use this was on the way to work today. It's a off ramp and we've got two lanes. Leftmost takes a left or goes straight and the right one goes straight. There's an earlier right turn for those who need to take it. Well, I was going to be making my left when it appears someone's car stalled, died, or who knows what but it wasn't moving. After watching the green light for a while I peeked my head around to see what the hold up was. By this time people were honking and I was like, okay! When on a motorcycle, let's use it to our advantage. Motorcycle to the left of everyone with my blinker on and away I go. HAHAHAHAHAH

I don't think I'll ever be able to do this without cracking a smile and wanting to scream out, "AHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH!!!!"


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Comment from: Terry  

While funny, it wont be so funny when you get a ticket due to (I assume it’d be) improper lane change, if not more. Not to mention what you said. Oh well, just my thought.

09/07/06 @ 17:04
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