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My day off

07/26/06 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle

MikeyTuesday was my day off. I slept in til about 10ish. It's sad that I think of 10 a.m as sleeping in now but that's how things go when you get adjusted to a certain schedule.

I planned on going up to the DMV and getting my registration for my bike squared away and to check on what I'd like for a special tag. After that, Sarah should be home from swimming so I spent time with her til about 5pm when she left for class and I went home in rush hour traffic. (Fun stuff)

So I'm in the DMV and a lady is working with my requests. BCKOFF was already taken so I will get STYBCK. It doesn't look very confusing to me so hopefully most people will understand it. She also said that because she was a mom it entitled her to say, "Be Careful." Which seems to be everyone's main concern when discussing motorcycles. I'll have my special tag within 90 days and for now I have a temp one that is paperish that I keep in my saddlebags. (If I get pulled over, I just show the cop that =-p)

Sarah's been doing really well for those who are wondering. Tuesday was the last day of swim class and today (wednesday) is her last day of humanities. Then she'll be off from school til Fall semester and then we are both going to have classes. Fall starts 8-21-06.

When I got home I decided it was time to fiddle w/ the windshield I had bought for the bike. Windshields make a huge difference. Instead of all the air blasting against your face and chest it goes around or up and over. Huge difference. The directions weren't exactly A+ but after rereading several times and constructing how things should be in my head while looking at bad example pictures I managed to figure out how everything went together. It took me two and a half hours to install the windshield.

Once this was done I hopped on my computer and ended up talking with Todd for a while about some things and he had mentioned wanting to check out the bike. Since I was itching to ride again I volunteered to ride over and let him see it. I stayed for a bit, met his mom. She seems like a nice lady. She told me to beware of other motorists (as that is where the risk is at) and to be careful.

Well said.


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