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07/24/06 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Commuting

I'm disappointed that the weather forecast for this area is 7 days of scattered on/off showers. It's supposed to be raining tomorrow morning. I hope it isn't. I really need to get some rain gear so I can say the heck with the rain, I'm hooah enough to be all-weather biker dude.

So when I used to ride around I pretty much avoided the interstate. Well, today I decided, why not? So on the way to the DMV instead of taking side roads and such, I took the interstate. Most people give me space when riding around. Which is good. On the way back with Sarah the crosswinds were particularly nasty and that one point on I-20 where you have the bobby jones -> I-20 west merger happen there's a rather raised up portion. I think I went airborn for a split second or so when I hit that going 60+.

I've had a few people get right up on my butt and tailgate the mess out of me on 2 lane roads. They aren't that hard to deal with, especially if there's a speed limit increase and I tend to ride the speed limit or +9 over the speed limit. So I just open it up and get +19 mph on them and that leaves them far back enough that they either a) got the point or b) don't feel like flooring it to catch up to me.

I'm going to get a custom license plate at the DMV. Sure it costs like $20.00 more but this will be worth it. Maybe people will read and act accordingly when they see "BCKOFF" on my plate. I figure some might back off and there will probably be your small percentage of idiots who want to tailgate regardless. Oh well. Can't win all the time.

I'll post more riding entries as time permits. It's good to be back on the road on two wheels.

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