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What is that sound?! OH MY! It's coming from the motorcycle that I almost ran into!

09/19/06 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Commuting

MikeyI'd like to start this out by stating that as a cager I rarely use my horn. I believe I've used my horn less than 5 times in 7 years of driving. Now, in less than 2 months, I have used my motorcycle horn TWICE.

For my avid readers out there you may remember my writing about the driver that almost merged into my bike on Bobby Jones. Well, this is pretty much almost the same deal. I was following Sarah over to my house and we had been on I-20 for a minute or two when some young punk with his window down starts merging into my lane. He's in front of me so I am probably in his blind spot, I try to avoid that as much as possible, however, he didn't really even look around. I didn't see him on a cell phone either so who knows what he's up to. (Yes, I have taken it upon myself to make mental notes as to what drivers in front of me are talking on their cell phones).

So he just starts flying into my lane. Luckily, once again, no one was to the left of me so I swerved over and got on the horn. Sarah saw the whole thing in her rearview mirror, heh. So he actually heard my horn--I was surprised as my horn is very weak and sounds retarded.

So he wildly looked over from out of his window, saw me, and went flying back into his own lane. I don't know whether to be sorry for him or me at this point as wildly as he went back into his home lane. I just rode past him at that point shaking my head and Sarah motioned for me to get in front of her car at that point.


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Vena Morlino

An excellent read and some important issues made. I truly do still think about the subject of your blog post (’What is that sound?! OH MY! It’s coming from the motorcycle that I almost ran into!’) in some ways misleading though. The fact that merely a modest percentage of people will likely be affected to my mind doesn’t cause the measures used here.

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