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Augusta State University tickets my motorcycle, again.

02/13/07 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Commuting

MikeyAs we all may know, yours truly is a college student. The local uni here has motorcycle only spots on campus that is reserved for bikers. This is a good thing as generally speaking, most of the spots are pretty close to where I have class. Now, last semester I had walked out to find a ticket. This was back in September and you can read about that HERE . Now, if you are still reading this after not having read that previous link, go back and read it. I'm serious! So, if you have really read it, then we'll continue.

Sarah drives me up to my motorcycle as we both get out of class at the same time and down by the science building, there aren't any motorcycle spots so it's just me being lazy that we drive up to my motorcycle. As we're approaching my awesome ride, I notice a piece of paper sticking up on the seat. Immediately I thought to myself, "OH MAN, NOT AGAIN!". Sure enough, I open it up and we see the following citation: Failure to display current decal. Along with a handwritten comment that states, "Not able to read numbers." Well that's just great. They tell me to mount it on my forks, that is where I mount it. I can't help the fact that I'm not some prissy biker dude who only rides my bike in 70+ degree weather and only when it's sunny outside. Ha! I'm the all-weather, hooah, crazy biker dude out there in 20 degree weather and freezing rain. So yes, my decal looks like total crap. I should probably take a picture of it. In fact, I will. Just so you can see it.

I'm not arguing that my decal is hard to read. In fact, half of it is completely obliterated. So, hats off to the bored public safety guy who probably rides around in a golf-cart instead of an actual police car. I know my bike is all cool and whatnot, but could you put your little ticket book away when you are looking at my awesome bike? Apparently not. So here we are now. Citation in my hand, raising my hands in anger at the sky. I wonder if he secretly hid himself and waited to see my little show I put on. If you were watching, Mr. Public Safety, I hope you had a laugh. I wasn't laughing. I don't like it when my money gets threatened by some retarded citation that I get for following the rules! Put the decal on the front forks. That doesn't work out well for some people. Not at all and not certainly for all-weather, hooah, crazy biker students who like to get a good parking spot.

I wasn't able to do anything else about it for that day. I went home and grabbed my receipt from back in June of '06 that shows I purchased TWO decals for the school year. After my sociology exam this morning, I promptly rode my beast on over to the public safety office. It was a good thing I didn't see any public safety officials in a golf cart or I might have just cruised by real slow and made a lot of noise while giving dirty looks from under my helmet. Yeah, that's right. I'm an angry motorcyclist right now. I'm on a mission.

I get off my bike, I march into the Public Safety Office. Lo' and behold, it's the exact same woman I talked to last time I was in here (You did read the entry, right?). So, I whip out my receipt, and I tell her about the situation again with getting ANOTHER citation. Apparently, this happens to us motorcyclists quite a bit. So she asked if my bike was outside and I said yes. So she looks at my decal on my bike and then starts laughing. Apparently she can find humor in this situation with my awesome decal that looks like total crap. Seriously, I will take a picture tomorrow afternoon and put it here. So if you read this on tuesday, rest assured, I will put pictures up.

So, we went back inside after she looked at my bike. I got a brand new shiny decal. She told me I could mount it wherever I wanted. This is the second time this lady has taken care of me, I should at least have made it a point to get her name but alas, I wasn't thinking clearly at the time. I also got my citation voided so I do not have to worry about the $25.00 fee. So I'm a happy camper.

So, Mr. Public Safety Officer, NEINER NEINER!!! AHHAHAHAHAHAH I win! (Yes, I resorted to a 3rd grade level just then. It's how I feel now). Cheers.


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