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Big maintainence on the way!

09/17/07 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Maintainence

MikeyAt 13,000 miles I had performed more maintainence on the bike. I replaced my worn out brake pads and bled my brake fluid. I've got nice clear brake fluid now and my bike stops a lot quicker now than when I had my worn out pads. They squeek now though, but hopefully they'll adjust and be noiseless soon.

I noticed while doing my chain adjustment that I am pretty much at the point where I won't be able to adjust my chain much more. When I acquired my bike, it didn't have the little labels on the swing-arm detailing when the replacement would be needed so I haven't kept my eye on it. So, I ordered 2 OEM sprockets (front/rear) (on bikebandit.com for about $70 total) as well as a DID 520V, 108 LINK O-Ring chain. For about $75 or so on eBay.

I received the chain earlier in the week. I am still awaiting sprockets. I don't have the necessary tools to break my chain off, so I'll probably take it to my favorite mechanic and have him snap it off and do my chain/sprockets.

I also have very little tread left on the front OEM tire, Dunlop if I'm not mistaken. 13,300 miles on the bike right now. So, I called up the Honda Stealer (Edit: who put it on backorder and didn't tell me. So I got my tire at tiresunlimited.com) and ordered a front tire, Pirelli, Route 66 tire for my rebel. It too, came out to be like 70 bucks. So, we're talking 210 bucks give or take in parts being done to my bike to make it all spiffy and road safe. I'm feeling good about it. So all that will be done at once by the mechanic as I don't feel adequate enough to mess with a tire. I'll pay money for peace of mind.


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