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People not caring about the police or truckers

01/06/07 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Commuting

MikeyI'm cruising to work this afternoon. It's very nice outside, sunny, slightly cool breeze and it's in the middle of winter. I love living in the south as compared to the north. Hawaii takes the cake for the best weather though. Anway, back on topic!

So I hop on the interstate like always. There are a few places that the cops like to sit at. I don't know if people aren't aware of where they sit or what but it never fails. Speed limit is 65 mph, and at my most extreme moments, I'm doing 74 mph. That whole 10 mph hour rule always sits in the back of my mind. People go flying by doing 80, 85, etc. I never see the cops out there when I'm getting smoked like a cheap cigar out there by some cager.

Well I saw a cop today. He had already had some truck pulled over to the side of the road. GA Law now requires us to move over if we can to the other lane that isn't right next to the patrol car. Do people do this? No. Not only did they not do it, but the speeders kept a trucker from moving over despite him having his blinker on for a good minute or so because he saw the cop way up ahead.

Sometimes I wish people weren't so "me me me me me me" when they drive around or maybe they could just freaking pay attention for once. Truckers only move over to the left lane for 2 reasons.

1. Someone is driving slower than they are.
2. They are wanting over a lane to give police, stranded drivers, or stranded vehicles extra room.

So, if you see a trucker with his blinker on, let him out. They're very good about getting back into their appropriate lanes and they always have a good reason for wanting to lane change.


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