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I'm going to get some gas....

08/18/06 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Commuting

MikeyGive a mouse a cookie and he'll want some milk... or so I've learned recently from a children's book I never read as a kid. Sarah thinks I've had a deprived childhood.

I got my cookie, went I took my bike down to the gas station to fill up. I'm getting 64mpg right now. I need to curb my fast acceleration and I bet I can get this up to 70. Supposedly my bike can get up to 75mpg. So anywho. I fill up my gas tank and then I decide I'm going to take a little ride.

This little ride ends up leaving Grovetown. In fact, I end up in Appling. From Appling I think about the Fort Gordon recreational center and if I'm still allowed there since I'm not a military dependent anymore. Hmm. I ride up there and get past all the warning signs. Go into the welcome cabin and they let me know I'm not allowed there. Great. Oh well, perhaps there's an opening to the lake that doesn't charge a fee.

So I cruise around some more and go across this gorgeous view on a bridge over the water. I think next time I will make it a point to take my camera with charged batteries w/ me so I can park somewhere nearby and take some pictures. I ride clear into lincolnton. I'm a county over now. Then I end up 6 miles away from the South Carolina border all because I got suckered in by a sign that just never seems to announce the entrance. Oh well, I'm out cruising and having a blast. I find the entrance and go in and get some pamphlets to take back. They want $3.00 admission fee so I decided to just turn around at this point and make a note to come back later with the fiancee. So yeah, I go out for gas and I come home 90 miles later.

It was a good ride. :)




I have always loved that book. However, I’ve found that too many people have not read it. Sometimes people will go into a story as to how they went out of their way to give someone a break or help them out, and the recipient of their kindness keep expecting even more. I almost invariable will respond.. “Well, if you give a mouse a cookie…” and leave it at that. I usually get very confused looks from that.

08/18/06 @ 19:05
Comment from: Sarah  

For all your moving around and experiences in different places, you have been awfully sheltered when it comes to classic children’s books, common phrases (I still can’t believe you’d never heard “as all get out” or “nailing jello to a tree” until recently :P), and foods that just about everybody has at least heard of if not actually tried. But don’t worry pookie, I’ll get you caught up on everything. I’ve already exposed you to all kinds of foods you’d never tried before and made you read lots of children’s books. hehe

08/19/06 @ 17:49

Hmm.. I have never heard “nailing jello to a tree” but it sounds difficult… and pointless, which I guess is the point of the phrase.

But yes, I have heard and on occasion use the phrase “as all get out". I don’t use it very often since I feel that it is somewhat misused.

Around here, almost local to the county, people often substitue the word ignorant for rude. If someone does something rude like flipping you off, or purposely taking your marked food from the shared fridge, then you can call that person “Ignorant". “I think that’s just ignorant". In a very weird way it almost makes sense… while the person is typically aware that they are doing purposely doing something they shouldn’t be doing, they are ignorant that doing wrong is the wrong thing to do… puzzle that one through.

08/19/06 @ 23:03
Comment from: Sarah  

I hear quite a few people around here use the word “ignorant” in that fashion, too.

08/22/06 @ 10:10
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