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Motorcyle running perfect now.

08/22/06 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Maintainence

MikeyMonday I took the liberty to reread my service manual. I picked it up for roughly $20.00 USD on eBay. There were two things that were wrong with my bike that I managed to fix on monday.

Both issues were from the previous owner. My rear brake would not trigger the brake light to light and the other more pressing matter was that the bike would only run with the choke on.

I rode out with scooter trash a few weeks ago and John had taken a look at the choke problem. The bike went from choke always on to choke never on. I've had "fun" with starting my bike in the mornings when it's cool and having to open throttle on/off for a bit until the bike idled and didn't die. I had to adjust my choke cable which took me about 5 minutes and now my bike will choke when the choke is in the all on position. The bike now possesses the ability to have choke on or off. I'm elated.

The brake light issue most likely stemmed from an alteration to the motorcycle. The rear brake pedal was taken off and heated up and bent to make it closer to the footpeg. His wife had small feet so this alteration was done for her. I don't have small feet and it's a little annoying but I'll have dad heat it up with his blowtorch and bend it back. After this was done, the rear brake doesn't activate the one and only brake light I have at the end of the bike. I had to adjust the sensitivity of the rear brake electic system and now I have it set so that I can depress it about half an inch and it'll light up. Half an inch is great because the brake actually isn't going into effect so I can use it to notify cagers that I am slowing down when I'm not on the throttle.


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