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Would you like a T-Bone or a side-swipe w/ your daily commute?

08/25/06 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Commuting

MikeyI'm always faced with dealing with other people on the road. I'm not just talking about your tailgaters or little old grannie who is driving 5-10 miles below the speed limit hunched over her wheel. I'm going to explain what happened to me today.

I'm at ASU getting ready to leave the campus and Sarah is leading as we're going to stop in at Subway on Walton Way and grab lunch together before she heads off to work. Lucky for me, I have the day off. So, I'm following her since I am not sure exactly where this Subway is.

The road is one of those cramped in roads that has two lanes for each direction of traffic. Sarah is several car lengths ahead and eventually she ends up way in front due to me getting caught by a yellow light. I'm in the left hand lane at this point in time. The light turns green and I continue my course to acquire food. As the wind flows around me and the roar of my engine soothes me I am suddenly interrupted by the sight of a big huge cadillac sailing across the road. Apparently, he didn't see me (this happens quite a bit) and before he managed to completely merge into my lane, he stops his car. By this time, I had already executed evasive maneuvering and was on the dotted white line seperating my lane from the lane next to me. I didn't have the luxury of moving all the way over due to a car being next to me but it's better to be in the middle of two lanes than flying up over a car. Thanks for the possible side swipe! My name is Michael. What is yours, Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder?

I'm a motorcycle rider. I wear a white helmet in the hopes people can see it. It is afterall, what most people notice first about me. If that doesn't do the ticket, then you can check out my headlight. I run high beams during the day in hopes of making myself more visible. If I catch you sitting on the side of the road about to make a turn into my lane, I'll start swerving back and forth within my lane. If your wheels even start to move (wheels move twice as fast as the car does) then I might even toss in flicking my high beam on/off in the hopes you can see that! If you still pull out, I should be able to pretend I'm a motocycle cop, pull you over and take your license away for being a retard.

I enter subway and get those looks and approving nods from the men in the resturant as they think, "Oh, he's the biker dude out front." I had a great lunch with Sarah. When I left, I put myself at risk again among all the cars, trucks, and SUVs.

This time I'm in the right hand lane and moving forward. There's a car stopped waiting to pull out into traffic. I see him. I also see him floor it, then suddenly stop about 3/4th the way into my lane. At this point I have already done a check to my left rear to see if I can move over. I can't because there's a truck there. I open the throttle wide, commanding my bike to propel me even faster. I went from 45 mph to 55-60 mph in just a few seconds. I then swing over into the left lane in front of the truck. I pass by the retard who pulled into my lane and he is now reversing out of it. I watch him reverse back into his cove. Perhaps he's waiting for another motorcyclist to hit. It would not have been fun to be T-boned and tossed over his car either.

I'm watching out for you Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder drivers because I know you aren't watching out for me.


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