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10,300 mi maint. New tire soon, drive chain tightened, rear brake freeplay adjusted.

02/23/07 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Maintainence

Mikey10,300 mi.

Drive chain tightened & rear brake pedal freeplay adjusted.

Yes, this time, I could actually get the nut loosened to do my drive chain. It (my chain) had started to rattle not even a month after having my drive chain tightened at Honda Street & Trail. I don't know if it's because I ride around a lot or did they just not tighten it enough? hmm. Anywho, there about 5/8th of an inch freeplay in the chain as the service manual calls for. I took the bike around the block (well okay, more than just around the block) and no rattle of the chain. No rattling or any issues with the chain at highway speeds either on my way to work. So, I know how much that costed at the dealer, $30. So it's nice to know that I saved myself that money and only spent a fraction of my time learning how to do it myself. Didn't have the camera on me, so my apologies, but next time I will get pictures up of the process.

I'll be going up there (at the dealer) sometime next week. My rear tire has virtually no tread left. I think I have 1mm of tread, if that. It'll cost me $126.99 for a new tire and that includes installation. It does not include the $2.50 tire disposal fee but that's okay. I'm still saving oodles of money by riding my motorcycle as much as I can. More people should ride motorcycles but I suppose it's the whole stigma of death that worries most. But this debate is for a different blog post other than one focused on maintainence.


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