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New Material!

02/26/07 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Video/Vlogging

MikeyI will now be running around on my bike with a 2gb sandisk memory card which will hold 80 minutes worth of video. Now now, what does video have to do with motorcycles? I mean, it's not like I can strap a camcorder on my head and be like, "HEY WHATS UP MY PEEPS!! IT'S A BIKER W/ A CAMCORDER!!" or can I? :P

That's right people. I will now be doing the latest trend combining my love of photography with my love of motorcycles. I recently purchased a Kodak v570 camera for use inside my helmet behind my visor. I just now got my 2gb memory card in the mail today. I was lucky to have a card that functioned in the camera but it was only a 128mb memory card from another camera.

I won't take credit for originally coming up with the idea, it seems to be a trend and I'm not sure who started it first, but my inspiration was from hawaii88 on youtube. So go check out his videos sometime if you are interested in hawaii footage from a motorcycling perspective. :)

So, I plan on covering topics that I see on the motorcycle forums I frequent. I think the first one will be about the Honda Rebel 250 and highway usage. Apparently a lot of people question the ability for this bike to survive on the interstate. So be prepared to see video from that in the future.

I have had the pleasure of recording a night scene this morning between two and three A.M and one this afternoon after stopping in with a friend at Taco Bell. I had my rear wheel replaced on my bike so I have to take it easy for the next 100 miles while I scrub the tire in.

So, I invite everyone to leave comments and I will be uploading videos to youtube instead of hosting them here on my site. You can just go to youtube and search Skel3tor1 to see my videos. I will post links to them as I upload them over here on my blog with a brief synopsis about the particular video I link to.

One of the major reasons that I decided to do this is to record things as they happen. I talk a lot about how people don't see us (motorcyclists) and I realize that words can only describe stupidity so much, so I will be using video now as well as venting on my blog. I also realize that written words cannot express how cool motorcycling is. This will give all my blog readers a visual to go along with my stories as well as seeing things through my eyes. There is a lot of negativity surrounding those on motorcycles and I'm doing my part in the community to try to get those stigmas removed. I invite you to come along with me on my video adventures.

Remember, you are able to leave comments here as well as leave comments on youtube with the videos. :)


Here's a video of my leaving Taco Bell today, I only had the 128mb card in so it died after 9 min of footage:
Leaving Taco Bell (YouTube)


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