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A Campus Parking Citation? What?!

09/19/06 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle, Commuting

MikeySo there I was on friday. Coming out of class and walking up to my bike with Sarah in tow. What is this piece of paper attached to my seat? Was it a note from Sarah? Nope. It was a parking citation! Failure to display current decal (even though it's on my forks) and not having any tags on my bike. $25.00 fine and they wanted to talk to me in the Public Safety office. Oh Joy!

So, I show up to Public Safety and there's a line and these ladies are taking forever to get their business taken care of. I see a parking citation appeal form so I scoop that up and leave. I need to pay my $25.00 fine before I appeal it. What the crap? So I go back to my motorcycle on the other side of campus and one of the other bike dudes shows up while I'm gearing up. We exchange pleasantries and make small talk about my citation. He's got a cardboard deal as his license plate but the DMV gave me some temp tag with a bazillion numbers on it and it's paper. So a lot of good that does me for displaying something on my bike.

I ask him where the nearest ATM is that isn't on camps (surchage $2.50 for the one on campus) and he tells me probably Surrey Center (sp). I haven't a clue how to get down there so he volunteers to lead me to it. So we have a nice ride down there and I get out $40.00 from the ATM.

Back in the Public Safety Office I go. Armed with $40.00 in cash, a written appeal, and an attitude. I feel this is all retarded.

I ask the lady behind the counter to print out my receipt that shows I bought TWO decals this year. Not one, but TWO. So she does and I start talking about my citation appeal and such and she takes a look at it. I also brought my temp tag in and she's like.. hmm..

After about 5 minutes of conversation about the citation and my documentation that I had she said, "I have the power to void this. Don't worry about it as it's not valid. Thanks for bringing all this stuff in to prove your case and sorry for the inconvenience."

I'm elated. That's $25.00 I don't have to part with. Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln rode off the campus with me.


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