It's raining, it's pouring..and this young man is riding!

07/25/06 | by Mikey | Categories: Motorcycle

MikeySo I rode to work for both parts of my split. I had a 50% chance of getting rained on with the scattered showers. So I figured, I'll take my chances. Worst thing that happens is I get wet.

So from 4:15-9:15 when I get off, it's on and off rain. Well when I get off, it is pouring. Not your light drizzle stuff, it's actually coming down but not so bad as cats and dogs. So, I gear up outside by my bike and take off. Glad that I'm in my snug leather jacket w/ my gloves and I'm even wearing my reflector vest since it's night time (thanks dad).

I don't know whether people were just being sympathetic that they gave me a lot of room on the ride home or if they were scared of getting near the crazy biker that was riding out in the rain at 64 mph on Bobby Jones. Not one single person tailgated me, which is amazing since I can't go anywhere without some idiot getting up on my butt. There's nothing to read on the back of my leather jacket, mmkay?

By the time I got done traveling all 14-15 miles in the rain I arrived at my house. Shoes, socks, pants, and boxers are all completely soaked. Heck, even my gloves were a little damp on the inside. I really need to work on getting my windshield mounted on my bike. Perhaps I will tackle that today after I ride up to the DMV and get my registration and special tag requested. BCKOFF seems appropriate for a motorcycle. So lets hope that it's not taken. :D

OH and on the way to work the second time on monday, three guys in a truck thought it was funny to tailgate me the entire length on bobby jones from Gordon Hwy to Peach Orchard exit. Like what the crap. Then at the off ramp on Peach Orchard they're all screaming "HEYYY!!!" and stuff. Like grow up, I just gave them a little wave so as not to be rude and then looked away. Like I want to converse with idiots who think it's cool to tailgate me.

If Richmond Co. wasn't out trying to meet quota this month in a one week period I probably would have just blown their doors off and left them in the dust. I think if I ever get pulled over on the bike and the cop asks me why he pulled me over. I'm just going to say, "Well officer, My first impression was that you pulled me over for speeding but now that your up here, I think you just wanted to check out my cool bike."


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